Happy Blessed 1 yr anniversery – Primer Año de Aniversario de Mamá Elisheva y Papá Ezra


Originally Published on Mar 13, 2017 by EFESIOSSEISDIEZ -thanks beloveds,http://amightywind.com/spanish-website/,¡Felicitaciones por su Primer Año de Aniversario!,Mamá Elisheva y Papá Ezra,Su apoyo a cada uno a través de los retos y alegrías es una inspiración para todos nosotros. ¡ALABADO SEA YAH! Mamá y Papá no podemos comenzar a describir cuan bendecidos estamos por tener en nuestras vidas a padres increíbles. Viendo a YAHUSHUA a través de ustedes nos hace nuestros corazones gozosos. Como tus hijos, vemos perfección en ambos de ustedes y ejemplo para nosotros. Gracias, muchísimas gracias por sus enseñanzas, amor, interés y animarnos a obedecer a agradar a ABBA YAHUVEH, Su Hijo YAHUSHUA y la Preciosa IMMAYAH (Espíritu Santo) en todo.,Las Palabras no pueden describir nuestra gratitud y amor que le tenemos a ustedes. Queremos bendecirlos este Día Especial enviándoles Santos abrazos y besos a ambos. Les amamos muchísimo.,Tus hijos DaughterOfYAH27 y EFESIOSSEISDIEZ.,We truly thank YAHUVEH GOD for you both and we are ecstatic for bringing you both together! May ABBA YAH continue to bless you and your marriage forever more in YAHUSHUAS HOLY NAME and love always from your Spiritual children from around the world,We know Nothing is going to stop you now!! HALLELUYAH! ,Some Lyrics from the original song “Nothing is gonna stop us now!”,Looking in your eyes I see a paradise,This world that I’ve found,Is too good to be true,Standing here beside you,Want so much to give you,This love in my heart that I’m feeling for you,Let ’em say we’re crazy, I don’t care about that,Put your hand in my hand baby,Don’t ever look back,Let the world around us just fall apart,Baby we can make it if we’re heart to heart,And we can build this dream together,Standing strong forever,Nothing’s gonna stop us now,And if this world runs out of lovers,We’ll still have each other,Nothing’s gonna stop us, nothing’s gonna stop us now,I’m so glad I found you,I’m not gonna lose you,Whatever it takes I will stay here with you,Take it to the good times,See it through the bad times,Whatever it takes is what I’m gonna do….,Since March 7th, 2016 Beloved Elisheva and Ezra’s love has only increased for one another. We now celebrate 1 year – HALLELUYAH!! ,Prophet Ezra from Yisreal shows his love and dedication to Elisheva on their 7th month anniversary – Oct. 7, 2016 and lets the world know the blessed wedding announcement and YAHUVEH GOD, YAHUSHUA the MESSIAH, and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH is well pleased. ,See here Beloved Ezra’s first Dedication and song to his Beloved Elisheva: https://youtu.be/M86gN4teMg4,Apostle Ezra’s Testimony:,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ6DypTI1hM,Watch Prophecy 127,https://youtu.be/ciYlk7UEKYY,Red Sea Crossing for AmightyWind Ministries,Their Popular Two Anointing’s become One video : ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_aUhud6liE

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